May the force of peace be with you (Assalamualaikum)

I know this is one too many times announcement but, *last ah last, favour, bear with me* I FINISH JUMONG!!!


It’s such an accomplishment… I took more than 3 weeks to finish it! Well, if you consider it from the moment I borrowed the DVD Box set from my cousin, it’d be 3 YEARS. Yes 3 looonnggg years… What happened within the 3 years? Oh so many. Firstly my younger brother got in Secondary School. Secondly the effect of global warming is getting more and more obvious, like, in your face kinda obvious. Thirdly, I met many new people. Fourthly, mend my relationship with some estrange someone. Fifthly, learnt to speak and write other language. Sixthly, don the hijab, full-time. Seventhly, build rapport with my secondary school homies. Eightly, travel more. Ninethly, put on more weight. Tenthly, the owner of the DVD box got engage!!

I’m perfectly sure many more happened but, I’ll save your trouble and mine.

Yes I know I was lambat manyak tapak woo (late by many steps) – it was a 2008 drama. But better late then never, no?

Seriously, I encourage people to watch this. It’s one of those drama that you can multi-task. Except if you’re a student and on a project or tests/exams coming. Don’t destroy your future ah. History has been written and it ain’t going anywhere. Or unless you’re a guy – research has it, guys can’t multi-task.

What do I mean by multi-task? It’s the kind of drama that you can leave it on running and blog, *waves at myself*, leave it on and go to the loo, leave it on and whip dinner, leave it on and distrurb other sibling, leave it on and fell a nap (not fell asleep) and when you’re back, you still get the drift of the drama. You won’t miss  a thing. I sompah (promise). Tried and tested.

Now that I’m done and done catching up with errone’s favourite variety show, running man!, I’m out of dramas to watch… I mean…


List of dramas and movies to watch…Heh…

But I don’t want to watch dramas online… I tired of clicking parts by parts.

The only unwatched drama left (okla, got other unwatched but I refuse to watch em) is another historical drama.

At this rate, I could probably be Korean Historian.

Vhell… Vhat tuduu??

Beggars can’t be choosers right?

Excuse me while yours truly royal highness a.k.a me, watch my ancestors life.



The other day when I woke up in the afternoon morning as my maid was watching TV,  an unbelievable question came out from her mouth.

Bibik: Eh, when you were sleeping, why did you pull my hair?

Me: Huh!? Why would I pull your hair? *burst out laughing* Was it hard?

Bibik: You think!! I thought I was gonna go bald.

Haha. I guess I had girl fight like those in Mean Girls in my dream. Sorry ah …

Saturday Night


My weekend story has not ended! Told cha t’was a good good weekend.

Had monthly Usrah (gathering) at MKS and this time round the topic was barakah. Woman here arrived and hour late. So by the time I got there, I missed the tadabbur and tadarus which is my favourite.

There were lots of new faces and I miss my familiar faces girls…Nevertheless, it’s okay since we always meet in whatsapp!

Niways, let me share with you 18 types of barakah.



So there you go, my awesome weekend!

Finish school. Finish Jumong. Met my fans (give chance ah… member nak step famous) hahahaha. Met my Fatayat Sistas. Met my Ohana.