*shall take a break from some variety shows marathon and spill my sardine pack thoughts ere*

I bet that last Friday was the most gay and gleeful Friday for the past 3 years for Poly Students like me. Dah habis sekolah!!(School’s Over!!) Bring in all em’ shiny confetti’s! Had paper checking… yes non archi poly students, we actually have the privilege of checking our papers. No corrections all ah…

Usually, the times when lecturers are stressed out is when student’s work, design or structural don’t work. No amount of brylcreem can save their strands of hair that begs to fall off, when we consult them. Especially for budak out of the world like me. The lecturers would yawn, eat sweet, take a break and wash their face, all within my consultation. No hard pheelings man… Even I could not understand my plans back then. If it weren’t for the cloth on my head, I’d probably go home half botak (bald). No hours of Yu Nam haircare solution or Beijing 101 can help.

Budden… (But then)… the sadistic side of me (and some other friends) were slightly more than happy to see the lecturers so stressed out for quite sometime sorting our papers.

2013-02-22 09.54.52

Aside from checking paper, it was also our portfolio submission day…

2013-02-22 09.59.21Hey soul sista! File somemore… File somemore!!!

2013-02-22 09.59.40All colgate-y for the long awaited last day of school… Since Year 1.

2013-02-22 11.39.48“My documentation damn thick” moment for some people. Haha.

2013-02-22 11.00.30One of my documentation pages…. Fuksas Spiral Staircase…. I seriously love this staircase! Slide down face first anyone?

Moving along…. to our random and spring cleaning moments

2013-02-22 11.04.32 2013-02-22 11.04.27Oh what would I not give for them to leave the studio and go home like that?

2013-02-22 11.41.11Forever having illegal gathering.

2013-02-22 11.42.31The TSOs gave up relying solely on us so they lend a helping hand. They had no choice if they want us to leave faster. Haha

2013-02-22 11.35.05Cleaning the top of my table area… I cleared my stuff few days before that already hor… So, don’t put me in the category budak tak guna eh.. (of useless kid).

2013-02-22 11.46.432013-02-22 11.40.34 2013-02-22 11.46.29Shocking amount of mess the previous year seniors left for us. Oh how we’re grateful for their kind intention for leaving notes for us.

2013-02-22 11.40.58 2013-02-22 11.40.54Of course there are good students who are hardworking. Hey! I’m hardworking too! Hardworking snapping the moments. Words alone are not enough mahh…

2013-02-22 11.42.41But of course cheekiness comes in the package..

2013-02-22 11.42.52What did I say?

2013-02-22 11.44.40What did I say?!! Hahaha… Any stronger and he’d come school crawling in from the wall. Heh.

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