Time check: 6.40am aaaannddd my dear comrades, I FINISHED JUMONG, 3 MINUTES AGO…. Ahhh… this calls for a celebration ceremony.

Don’t pray pray hokay, 84 episodes. Bengkak woo pinggang waa….

Currently mentally and physically and emotionally drain.

6.40am. Haven’t sleep.

6.40am. Finish Jumong with all the emotional baggage. (I truly feel like I built Goguryeo)

6.40am. Soooo many happenings happened these past 48 hours.

For the love of my bed, (and my blog too), I’ll be back with this weekend talks cause this weekend is truly one of my dah.syat.lagi.maha.happening weekend for a boring person like me.


(seriously all emotional now. tak tentu pasal. sewel agaknye)

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