Which comes first?


Rainy weather ere in Singapore and I’m in the right mood. My lazy mood. Haha.

Now that school is really about to end, I’m thinking of sooooo many things that its cluttering my mind. But, oh God, this is real. If not, I wouldn’t need to do so many stuffs.

Let’s start small…. Priority task: clean the bedroom. Haha. Luckily my grandma is not staying at my place currently. Cause errtime she comes in, she’ll be all religious ber-astarghfirullahalazim (in Arabic it means, God forgive me or I seek forgiveness from God) and remind me that I’m a girl. Not that I forget that part… But yeah, sometimes I do. Haha

So, after that…. Oh yes, need to text my brother about his lost race pack letter…. *be right back*

*uhgays I’m back*

Where was I…. Oh yes…after cleaning my room… I need to, do up my portfolio nicely…. Hmmmmm…. Do my resume…. Cover letter …. Apply school …

Look for a job. *shit just got real*
I gotta work guys. Haha. Meee….. The last last time was a tutor and the last time was my internship….

I mean, I don’t come from a rich family background…. But I’m sure mummy will give me someeee moolah for transportation and food. Let’s face it. I’m a homebody… So much that my maid wants to kick me out. But. Sometimes, she gotta meet me so she gotta top up my ez-link. Hehehe…. And food. That’s very important. More important than the transportation allowance.

I can wipe out the entire human race if I don’t get my food. Haha.

So, soooo many things to do, sooo many research to do too… But first…

On this dark rainy afternoon, on my bed, with my chingus, I shall continue Jumong….


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