‘Reunion Dinner’


Had ‘Reunion Dinner’ last Sunday on Chinese New Year. Lucky thangg the restaurant wasn’t occupied by anyone so it was only us familiassss…


The kecohness while waiting for everyone.

wpid-IMAG1644.jpgwpid-IMAG1643.jpg wpid-IMAG1642.jpg wpid-IMAG1641.jpg

There were other dishes but I had to eat. Heh


Little Amyrah..all grown up. Soooo fast.wpid-IMAG1648.jpg wpid-IMAG1701.jpg wpid-IMAG1653.jpg wpid-IMAG1662.jpg

Uncles and Aunts with Chief Nenek.wpid-IMAG1669.jpg

Their susah nak nampak (hard to come by) candid pose.wpid-IMG-20130211-WA0012.jpg

Aunts.wpid-IMG-20130211-WA0009.jpgThe boys … finally smiling!

It wasn’t easy hokayy!!

wpid-IMAG1670.jpgSEE!! They look like they’re taking their standard soccer group photo.

Hishhh…. apa nak jadi.

IMG-20130211-WA0007And of course… Us la la ladies!

wpid-IMG-20130211-WA0013.jpgLet’s not forget the lil ones who always add their little antics every Sunday evening. 🙂

wpid-IMAG1700.jpg wpid-IMAG1694.jpg wpid-IMAG1690.jpg Girls…. just wanna have fun…. = Boys suffering


Bring the guys out to snap photos of us… Yet again… Every outing.

2013-02-10 21.20.21What happens when the guys switch on their ‘malas nak layan manual shutter shots’


wpid-IMAG1708.jpg wpid-IMAG1701.jpg wpid-IMAG1681.jpgTailong 484 with ex-client. Haha.

wpid-IMG-20130211-WA0006.jpgGeng 484.


Back to our base camp…as usual…another round of desserts and movies.

wpid-IMAG1713.jpgThe kiddos won’t let us in till they take their shoes off. Budak-budak zaman sekarang ni….Bijaks sungguhs.




Where was my brother when we were in the warmth with family?








wpid-IMG-20130212-WA0000.jpgEnjoying the beds of snow.


Happy holidays guys!!!


wpid-IMAG1677.jpgThank you nenekku sayang for the treat.

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