Chinese new year is around the corner and so are the treats. Every year, my mom gets little “present” from her patients, besides the you and I want; red packets. It’s no different this year!!!



I was in my ignorant mood watching Korean drama (yes…. Again. Don’t side eye me) when the maid came in and bragged, ‘Mom’s rich patient gave two boxes of oranges.’ She looked at the oranges with TLC and said,’ This one…. Confirm nice,’ …. Side track….abit…

I don’t like that line.

I find it a little offensive. You don’t say just because something is expensive, it is definitely better. Most fruit regardless of quality will be sweet when ripe, sour (usually) when not ripe.

Back to my story.

Haha Ya… The oranges were sedapp nak mamps….. I end up eating 4 or 5 of them. At the last orange, the maid caught me eating it and went,’ Oi! Stop eating la! You want diarrhea is it???’

Aiyoh… This woman ah… Curse people anyhow only.

5.45 am, going to bed, I need to take a huge dump. But on the bed, under the blanket with 2 teddy bears means I ain’t going anywhere.

Sleeping > bladder.

Haha But yeah, this morning, I woke up straight to the loo.