Yesterday, I went to a departmental store and bought bathing soap. Such a big fan of soap like Dettol and Lifebouy cause I like the dry feeling of the skin after bathe. I know, I know. It’s not a good sign. No moisture, bla bla bla…. I guess that’s why once, few months back, I had an unwanted visitor, eczema. Heh. Who cares man. Hygiene comes first! *Macam paham moment*

soapLemonFresh1011-226809See!!! The packaging reaaallllyyy looks good! *It’s probably the yellow. Or lemon. Or me*

I got attracted by the Yellow colour Lifebouy. It’s lemon scented. I LOVE lemon. The schmell (smell) of it… So, I bought it la. After I bathed, I realised that I smell piles of washed plates around me. Looked around….. aaand realise that it’s actually me. I don’t know who to blame? Myself for being excited over lemon. Scientists working in the dishwashing liquid soap company for choosing/using that scent. My maid for using that scent. Or, my mom who paid for it.  I’m still working on that.

So, people, now you know, unless you wanna smell like a pile of freshly washed utensils, don’t use lemon scented soap. (Love the blue!)

For me… I still have few more months to live as a plate. Hahahahaha

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