Which is which?


Time check 4.38am. Cadding brutally.. living up to archi student motto: Part-time student, Full-time ninja.

I dare say that I’m skipping laters lecture not because I can. Heh. But, one and a half hour video on our beloved world renowned womanizer architect enchek Frank Lloyd Wright. Seriously!!?? I have a life man! I need to train my muscles. Have I told any of you? My fitness level is so dang high, people are jealous. I’m serious. I can plank for 8 solid hours, or up to 12, whichever my fats are contented with on my bed. Any fitness instructor coulda, woulda and shoulda be jealous.

Usually, I would be sleepy by this hour, ok no, jangan bedek. I would be sleepy once I see my drawings on autocad. I don’t know what is keeping me awake.


I can usually stay up for 48 solid hours straight, bedridden, unless, I need to do whatevs necessary, watching finishing Korean Drama series or English TV Series (gahhhh!!! I miss my Abang Morgan!) but when it comes to doing work, 1 hour max and this imaginary voice screams at my ear,” I’m tired. My lower back is aching. Tension headache. Light’s too dim. Gotta go school. Too hungry. Hands are tired” All sorts of blardy reason, I tell you.

Niwaes, lemme track my insomniac cause:

Dominos pizza at 9pm?

Might be. (I’m still full now, it’s a miracle.)

Green Tea?

Might be.

Excitement for skipping later’s lecture?