How to NOT make cheese sauce

So, yesterday I wanted to snack at 1 in the morning…

Step healthy and all, I wanted biscuit with cheese dip. There’s this nacho cheese bottle in the refrigerator that my mom bought but, I’m sure the ingredients use are not thaaaat healthy… With mustard all… I’m not a big fan of such condiments. I’m a believer of making things from scratch. Like, cream sauce for pasta…. No preggo or leggo. *insert lika boss meme* heh

So! This girl, open the fridge, grab a handful of shredded cheese, put it in a small bowl and heat it in the oven for 1 minute.

Seriously guys, that’s not the way to make cheese sauce ok. Sure it melts. But you gotta dip your biscuit like… Within 20 seconds¬† after you take it out of the microwave. Why?

Cause it hardens like there’s no more brick in the world.

Halfway of having biscuit with cheese dip, I had biscuit with salted brick.