1000 Awesome Things


Abandoned this place too long! I’m sorry to myself especially. Heh.

So, I went out to grab some books just now and I stumble upon this pretty, awesome and cool journal.


Told ya it’s awesome. 🙂

This journal even have a *love letter* from the guy who started the ‘1000 awesome things’.


Some things were happening to his life (negative) at a point in time and to somehow ease the pain, he’ll find one, just one awesome thing that happen that day. It could be as simple as


See! It’s not hard to be positive, no?

You can check him out at http://1000awesomethings.com/

Once a day, hmmmm….I’m gonna to keep this up for uhmmm…. 350 days. 1000 days equates to 3 years. Too long mannn… Its ok ah… Baby steps!

If you’re a Singapore resident, you can grab em’ at Basheer graphic bookstore. Its opposite the payment counter. I think other places like Times or Kinokuniya might have it too.

Here’s too 300++ awesome things!

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