Nag Alert


Came home to find this “depressing” post on the class Facebook  page after good mediterranean dinner with my dahling galpals.

FYI, every lecturer, whether Archi related module or not, have this standard script at the last few weeks of school, “Why is it so hard for Archi students to come school? You guys are not the first batch.” *insert like a boss meme* heh

nagNot depressed cause of the nag per se, haha… More like… I’m a firm believer that you must go to school, not even skip one day. But, my body have this badass season where I can’t wake up on time la, feeling a little queasy that day la, it’s okay I can afford to skip this module for the nest 2 lessons la….

Today’s worst.

Woke up at 1100 while today’s timetable end at 1130.


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