Dream Holiday… Shattered.

Assalamualaikum alls!

Yesterday, after school, I had netball session with my Fatayat Sisters. It was a better game then the previous week. We followed more rules and the game was slightly more intense.

The court lights would be off at 10pm, supposedly. We stopped playing at 9.30pm to cool down. We were a little surprised when the lights went off 10mins earlier. Caught off guard to the max.

This gave me a chance to lie down and just… look at the stars… with one of my friend.

As we were praising God of His beautiful creation, I told her that these few days, I kept thinking of my ‘perfect holiday’ scene in my mind. My version of ‘star gazing’. I just wanna be literally star struck. If not at night, then, on a cloudy day works fine too. Nothing beats fat, heavy and fluffy grey clouds right?

“Shafa, you know, one day, I’m gonna travel alone, anywhere where there’s a grass field and at night, I’ll just lie down and stare at the star, all night long.”

“Hmmm, ya, at night, when you’re alone staring at the beautiful star, clouds and sky, you turn to your side, and there, THE WHITE THING accompanying you.. whoo!”

Shizz.. That scare my balls. No more, star gazing, alone!

I gotta rethink of my dream holiday now!