Assalamualaikum all.

Justfinishedmysecondlastsubmissionforfinalyear. FUHHH…. That felt heavy to say. Still can’t believe I’m in final year.

Anyways… this is the condition of the class as I enter on the morning, eve of submission. It’s a normal sight if it’s halfway of the lecture. But, no, this is waaaaayyyy before the lecture started.


This submission really took a toll on me, my body and my health. Everyday improper and unhealthy diet. Irregular and terrible sleeping pattern and redbulls and monsters…. really. Now that submission is over and holiday is here, here I am, with fever, sore throat, flu and whatever terrible combination there is. Haha… Nevertheless alhamdulillah (thankful) for everything.






The morning afternoon of submission.


Printing… IMAG1068

It’s coming! It’s coming!!IMAG1069

Stress-free us laughing and joking with our lecturer. Submission over mahhhh… Heeee. It’s time for the lecturer to have a taste of marking. Hehehe… There’s 3 lecturers and the way they discussed it, (they discuss openly, by the way) it seems like they can grade us in few days. Reeeaaaaaallllyyyy?? We took weeks to do this!  -.-”


Of course. Hand would be dirty thanks to verging. I call this, verging henna!!

Anyways, happy holidays to those who’ll be having holidays…




Take care too in the meantime 🙂

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