Assalamualaikum all! *cough*sneeze*blows nose*

Last Saturday, it was Fidyah Distribution day. A group of my friends and I helped around at the mosque that we usually go to. It was a tiring day for me cause the day before, I had my submission and wasn’t feeling well. An appointment is an appointment. A promise is a promise. Sick, healthy, rain or shine, I went there… I’m pretty amazed at myself for being able to wake up early in the morning. Even God knows how I’m such a late riser.

For my non-muslim reader, What is Fidyah?

Fidyah is a way for those who are not able to fast due to age, long term illness etc. to share in the reward of fasting, and is obligatory upon them if they can afford it.

The fidyah is to feed a poor person for each day of fasting missed. The scholars have said it is sufficient to provide a single poor person with two meals for every day missed, or to feed lots of people a meal on a single day.

Each meal costs £2.50 and thus the fidyah for each day of fasting missed is £5. Thus, if one missed 30 days of fasting during Ramadan due to long term illness one should pay £150 in fidyah. – Taken from mc-uk


The perfect weather.


The briefing.


Amount of work to do…


There were different ‘department’ for us to choose. I chose the rice segregation department cause, I once had a dream of becoming a cashier.You know… The scanning part, pulling the plastic/paper bag, the swiping of cards, tearing the receipts… Hey! Everybody have their cheap thrill dream right?? Hahahahaha….

This weighing scale … got story one… It’s very old. The plastic/glass cover is gone. The needle that points the weight has lost it’s bearing. You gotta adjust it manually. It gets frustrating at times but, patience is a virtue righttt… pfft…


Preparing the items for our working station.


How? Can work at supermarket ready? Haha


My new tudung style. Hahaha…. Tying the 2 ends at the back like an apron cause it keeps getting into the sack of grain which makes the grains fly here and there and we allll know that every grain is precious. It’s hardwork of farmers. None should be wasted.



After approximately 3 hours of packing and gaining muscle…


The lads load them on taxis that are volunteers of the mosque in doing this kind of work. I find it cool!  Didn’t know such group exists!

   After loading the items, we set off in different kind of group to go to our “clients” houses. The distributing part really gave me chills. You should see how the kids reacted when we put the plastic bag worth of food on their doorstep. Their smile. It was priceless. There were young kids, old people. Sick people, healthy people.

The way the kids run towards us and greeted us with smile. Calling their mom and more. The parents opening the door and on the verge of tears, extremely grateful for the things they received, I felt like a Santa. More than just giving them food for survival, seeing their smile was priceless.

This made me grateful and thankful for everything that I own. There are many things in life that I have and treat them as if they’re nothing and they’re other people’s wish.

My Gucci’s and Fendi’s could probably feed those kids but here I am, blessed by Him with more sustenance, able to afford all this. It’s kinda giving back moment for me.

I can’t really explain the feeling if you haven’t get it but all I can say is, if you’ve never try doing this kind of work, you should. It’s therapeutic.

When we got back, we help to clear the store room, all the expired food and more. This is what I found in the office…







The Quran, the clock, part of the grandfather clock, roof brick and more that survive the fire. The mosque is actually a new version. Previously, it was burnt and these are the items that survived. Cool huh!????

After clearing the store room, we help to transport the remaining bags of items the we packed earlier to be kept in another room.


Loading em…


And of course, have fun a little! Hahaha….


That’s me, on the trolley, going, “Stop! Stop! Stop!!!!”

Sigh… When will I ever grow up.





Not anytime soon. Ah lubb being a kid! Muahahahaha *evil laugh*blows nail*

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