Assalamualaikum all! 🙂

Conversation between lecturer and a group of us – my classmates and I :

*2 people brutally cadding on their personal laptop*

Lecturer: Waaa…Both of you very rich huh, can afford MacBook Pro.

Friends: Where got?? People use MacBook Pro not cause they’re rich.

Me: Cher (Short form for lecTUREr) You don’t nonsense la, talk like you can’t own one (you’re talking as if you can’t afford one). If you want to buy one right now, you’ll be able to afford it.

Lecturer: I can’t afford MacBook Pro cause I already have iMac.

Us: Uhmmmmm TOTALLY HUMBLE TO THE MAX! *burst laughing*

Lecturer: Anyway, iMac Pro good ah.

Us:  *eeeehhhhh??????????????*          CHER!!, WHERE GOT iMac Pro!!!!!! ANYHOW WHACK ONLY!!!

Confident sia my lecturer….

and humble too.


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