Thank you, stranger

Assalamualaikum all! 🙂

In arabic, salam means peace. When you see or a person says ‘Assalamualaikum’, which means, Peace be upon you. It means, that the person, who approaches you or says that comes with the intention of not hurting anyone, emotionally or physically. ^^v Don’t you just love this way of greeting? Hahaha…

Anywhoooooo, been wanting to update this space but got busy with school work anddd…running man… Hahaha…

Anyways, after the last two posts, which I mentioned about…sleeping in train, a few days later, while I was in train….something happened.

Me….I tend to sleep in train. It’s not that I want to. It’s just… it’s like, there’s this spell on me which makes me fall asleep approx 10mins after I got a seat or enter the train. When I sleep, I always say a little prayer.. and go “Dear God, please wake me up at *so and so train station* and please let me sleep nicely. Not swinging to the right and left. It’s ok if I don’t sleep like a princess” … Simple lil’ prayer… But, I think that day I was sooooooooooooooooo tired and swung here and there. Sometimes I’ll wake up after”swinging”, get into position, and sleep again.

This particular day, the train stops a few station before my stop and everybody had to vacate that train. This kind lady that sat behind me tapped me up. I woke up and with droopy eyes and clueless look. She hand signal me that we had to vacate the train.

While we were standing outside, she went,” Can I say something to you?” So, I said yes, of course. She went, “You should be careful when sleeping cause you actually move around. What happens if the one that sits beside you is a guy. It’s not nice.” Feeling grateful and embarrassed, I went,” Thanks… Did I accidentally lean on you?” (note: I said this pretending I wasn’t aware, when I was la!! I just didn’t know what else to say. She went, “err… (this kind woman was a lil hesitant on telling me but she did anyway) yes, abit (seee…. sooo kind, I know I swing a lot la!) But since you’re a female, I don’t mind.” Mann…. I feel like, firstly, sleeping on that woman again once we board the train, shameless, I know. Second, hugging her and thanking her for being so honest.

This makes me think… trains should have fold-able urinal modesty board panel. It’s like those board in gents room but foldable and hideable like schools table…you know… like the ones in lecture theatre. If you sit beside your friend and are having conversations, put down the board. If you’re alone and confirm plus chop will sleep, pull the board and start making your own headbanging acapella song. Hahaha..

Just realise that that day, I was wearing jubah…


that’s not me by the way…. took it from our bestfriend, google.

So… I was dressed so modest like that but slept like an animal….

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I thank this woman. It’s an advice that is still etched in my mind.






Yesterday, I fell asleep again…


Anyone have any suggestion how to avoid sleeping at all or sleeping like that in train???

I’ve tried blasting upbeat song, close my eyes and follow the lyrics.

Doesn’t work. -_-“

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