Miss, main entrance please

Assalamualaikum all.

Mad crazy this week. Submission on Monday. Wuarghhhhh!!!

Went to pay my brahhs road tax and insurance stuff, cause he told me to do so. I reaaaalllyyyy didn’t want to go thanks to a lot of outstanding drawing. But, went brahh says go, you jolly well go.

It was at tampines point and I don’t know where it was. So, I took a cab. THE taxi driver dropped me at tampines 1. Before u-turning, I asked him, “Uncle, tampines 1 leh” he was, “ya la, must I turn” URGHH!!! Don’t know say don’t know la next time. My brother told me that its opposite century square. Little did I know, he didn’t tell me, it inside inside inside. Behind this building. Behind that building. Behind every building. Ok, no, I’m exaggerating, of course.

So I called the brahh. “You see abacus plaza? Ah, its behind there.” Me? “I went in abacus and ask the security guard. Went out, turn here and there, went into the ntuc building. There was no one on the security guard desk!! Omg! Abang. Why did you send me here!

Before the security guard table, you have to pass by this glass door. I knocked. There were

2 guys lounging talking. One of them pressed the button to unlock the door, turned his back on me, probably thinking I work there…. *whaaaaaat* so I had to ‘excuse meeeee, where to bla bla bla’ “Oh you have to go to the main entrance miss” 

Mangkuk ketipong payung betul.

But, he was kind enough to go to the main door and signal me and refer me to the reception lady. Hmmm

NTUC building staff are friendly, I like!

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