What happens during Eid Adha

Note: Let’s pretend that I publish this on the 26th Oct (Hari Raya Haji).


Assalamualaikum people! May you guys always be at peace 🙂

So, yesterday was Eid Adha, or better known as Hari Raya Haji. This year was abit mendak (slow moving) cause, well, on my dad’s side, my uncle passed away recently so my grandmum wasn’t exactly in the mood. On my maternal side, the open house is at my house and some didn’t come due to valid reason.

Nevertheless, time spent with familia and friends, is always beautiful and memorable.

At paternal side, we celebrated one of the nephies birthday. My God, he was so excited! Haha… kids…

Look at how happy that boy is!

Breathtaking view from neneks balcony.

And of course, my paternal cousins and I are sliiiiighlty not normal in our activities. The last time we went to hari raya open house. We ended up at supermarket. Tonight’s not an exception. We ended up






Off all things, I know. I was strongly against the idea cause initially we planned to go to our standard hotspot, airport. But majority wanted to go prawning.

Why was I against the idea? Well, it was soooooo hot and stuffy  in the day that I just wonder, how it’ll be like in hellfire. Ya Allah, save me from it! But, the irony is that, while discussing by the carpark, I was in my leather jacket. Pfft… talk about paradox.

Now that I’ve prawn-ed before, it’s actually more fun than chillaxing at the airport.

The girl who is hardly present during our meetups. Kalah anak raja!

Aaaand, she got impressed that my phone have front camera -.-“

Actually, at this stage, after 1hr, holding the rod, chanting to myself that patience is a virtue, the prawn will taste sweeter cause I waited patiently for it, yada yada yada, I gave up! Come on prawns! I love you guys more than chicken, come to me!! But no, this creatures went away from my bait.

My cousin who doesn’t even eats prawn caught 2, or was it 3 in less than an hour. So, being his best bickering cousin, I took over his sweet spot. Bull mannn… no prawn came to me. Talk about bad luck. *cries a river*

Bad or good luck, pictures must be snapped. The people on the other side.

The prawns that le cousin caught. The most visible prawn that you can see here is very big. Longer than your middle finger. Hahaha… Sorry for the description. I kept pulling to see the prawns cause, well, I LOVE SEAFOOD and prawns and anchovies are one or two of the many seafood creatures that I’ve always wondered about. How they swim? How to they eat? How do they move when they are alive?

So, this time, as I pulled the “bucket” out, I actually accidentally unhooked the basket and IT FELL INTO THE POND BACK. You have no idea how shocked I was. Like, I know I didn’t catch them and all but, seriously, you don’t mess with seafood. I did. :O Called the guy to pull it up aaaand, the big fat prawn got away. *wails* lucky thing the small prawn stayed there. Nevertheless, I should be punished. Gosh, thinking about this, I’m angry at myself.

After resting and laughing at jokes cracked at one another, googling how to catch prawns, which didn’t help, I went to my ‘the-guy-who-don’t-eat-prawn-but-caught-the-most’ cousin, he gave me his rod and set the angle all for me. All I need to do is wait. He wanted to rest cause, pffttt… he just caught a prawn. While tending to the rod, I notice the “float” or “buoy” sank. So, I frantically called him. Seriously. It’s an emergency! He tugged a lil’ and set the “buoy” vertical again. I thought, I would’ve caught it. Sighh.. 5 minutes, later, I pulled the rod up, my bait is gone! That pull must’ve been the prawn. I should’ve pulled it out straight!

Gosh! You have no idea how much I wanted to dive in the “pond”. While 2 boys hook the bait, I stared blankly into the pond. *Halo light guys* I saw a prawn chilling on a tube no more than 10cm beneath the water surface. I wanted to take it with my bare hands cause the boys were taking ape years to hook the bait, but le cousin reminded me that it’s against the house rules. Sighhh.. I should be more considerate. Hahaha… Finally, the hook was done, got my cousin to help me catch the prawn aaaaaaaand, EUREKA!!!!!!!!!! I CAUGHT A PRAWN!!!!
Since there were 10 of us and 1 of my cousin is weirdly on a vegan diet, and just nice, we had 9 prawns, we wash, salted it and grill it on the spot. Cause I’m a nice person, I peeled the prawn shell for the boy who is trying to eat prawn since the last millennium, the boy whose fat prawn I accidentally released. Guilty mahhh….
This is the first time that I had a fresh prawn! Cooked straight from living. The taste, takya cakap la… (no need to mention), shiok one of a kind. Seriously, different.

Didn’t catch alot but, since there’s  enough for everyone, we left, contented.

We’ll be back!!







Of course, as we were raised embracing food, dinner, at 1am…


My guilty face. buruk, i know.

The other side. Haha, my goofy cousins.

Fareed must be scratching his head wondering why is Izzah on a vegan diet, for fun. Something we all can’t comprehend. Pfft, let’s leave 4d people aside…






On behalf of, don’t know what,

Eid Adha from the bottom of my heart, everyone!

(wearing plastic doll collection from DP by Dian Pelangi


GraDian shawl also by DP by Dian Pelangi)

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