Assalamualaikum all!

Have you watched Paranormal Activity 4?

Last Saturday, I went with my group of friends. 10 of us. It was madness!

Alllllll prepared for the madness!

4 girls and 6 boys. Being smart *hehe* I made the girls sit in between the boys


(1) Irna. (2) Me. (3) Farah. (4) Atikah

I can safely tell you that






screamo of the night award goes to contestant no. 2 & no. 3.

I checked my twitter like 3-4 hours after the movie and realised that most of them were twitting and cussing away while watching the movie. I was too scared to hold on to my phone in case I scream and accidentally throw my phone. Hahaha….

One of the tweet that needs a facepalm,

NORMAL??!! Siao. Haha

Afterwards, since there were 2 cars, we went for dinner-cum-supper where I went last night with my cousins after prawning. The “waiter” recognise me from yesterday! Hahaha! Paiseh to the max!

Instead of going home at night, I think it was 12+ in the morning then, we went somewhere Changi were there were planes and all. Sat and had a ghost story session. Totally cari pasal.

Few of my friends suggests us to relocate before going home instead of going home straight cause it would be better after you know, watching and ghost story session.

We relocated and send everyone back and bid our goodbye.

Anyone knows why we have to relocate to another spot before going home after having ghost story telling session?

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