Worth the tired?

Assalamualaikum everybaddehh!!!

How’s everyone weekend doing?? I had an awesomely tiring but fun day. Why?

I went over to my cousins place, to help her sell off her shawls. I posted about her cerruti chiffon shawl a while back, you can find it in the post talaqqi. Ever since I was young-er, my cousins and I always play, ‘shop-shop’ it’s like, you haul all the books and magazines your mother, your father, your grandmother’s have, newspapers too and pretend, you’re the vendor. Take your parent coins, and begin trading!

Today, my childhood moment is relived! Hahaha… only it was real customer. Sold shawls, after shawls, after shawls. I was all bananas after that… which is now. Pfft….. Pack their stuff into the plastic bag. Find the items for them. Get new piece… ENJOY AHHH!!!!

Now, wherever you are, whatever you do, if you want the shawls that I’m about to post soon, just drop me an e-mail at spcaqilah@gmail.com 🙂

P.s: I’m not even commissioned to do this. My cousin don’t even know I post this. Hahaha…. Kak, if you happen to see this, don’t kill me k? Haha :b Lubbb you!

Anyway, school tomorrow *bawls*… gotta settle some non-school stuff…

Why am I doing all this, you ask? I don’t know. Is it worth the tired?


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