Back to school.

Assalamualaikum!!! Errrbaaddeehhhh!!!

Yesterday was the first day of school. Final year. Final Sem. Oh god, how I mad through this crayyyyyyzzzyyyy course for the past two years, it wouldn’t be possible without Your help!

Was late. As usual. Got the venue wrong. Haha. I told my friend where the venue was but I went to another place instead. Bimbo. I know. There was a lecture when I came in, I think. Oh yes, there was! A new lecturer giving his lecture. Sighh… so forgetful.

There was briefing for the entire cohort in my studio. The thought still amazes me. There’s 6 classes for my cohort. 01-06. 01&02 in one class, 03&04 another and 05&06 another. So, there’s 3 class. 01’s (&02’s) class is in another building. The lecturers made the other 2 class came over to my class. Shift 2 classes instead of one. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Totally understanding user empathy. Hahahaha.

Same ol’ story repeats,

final year’

last lap’

‘only 15 weeks of school left and you all are graduates’

Ok boss! Roger! over…

Haha… The most fun part is the TSO briefing. TSO – the IT staff whom we always call for when our computer crash. No internet. Printer went crazy. No scissors. Need cutting mat. Need scotch tape and more. They knew us since we were freshies so we were very informal. The briefing went hilarious. The do’s and don’ts . Video of students caught kissing. Gosh… Disghusthanggg to the max I just had to look at the pretty concrete ground.  I’ll always remember no food and drink in studio cause clearly, after lunch, apple juice in the studio. Hah! I’m such a model student. Not to mention I had bread roll in the first lecture. Fierce.

After lunch. I had this drive in me. Ok! Let’s do this! Get floor plan out!

Took stationery box out, no pencil. -____-”  no pencil? Never mind. Borrow 1 from a friend. Best still, no butter paper. Truly…. shouldn’t have gone to school. Basics, not prepared. It’s like going for war and not bringing your gun. Pfft..

Better still, after lunch, 10mins after sitting down waiting for divine help from above for my floor plans










I fell asleep.

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