I’ll never. Look at a bicycle. The same way again.

May the force be with you. Assalamualaikum all!

While having dinner after our USS outing, a friend mention they were cycling and as usual, my mouth said yes. Without my brain nor me acknowledging it. Since, it was a long time since I cycled, bring it on.

Banyak aku punya bring it on!

Since my maid chained my bike to some pipe and lost the key, yes, brilliant! I borrowed my cousin’s.

Sigh… He has 2. I thought he’d lend me the smaller one, bmx. My friends to me for long distance cycling, it’ll be tiring. Since he offered me his fat giant bike, I just went, ah…. ok. *Note to self: Bigger is not always better*

See how thick and fat the green bike is compared to the grey? bike? But the suspension shiok ah. It *boinks*boinks* Hahaha… Now I know what to expect from stunt bike! 10mins into cycling, I had to change bicycle with another friend. Sorry Red, besikal mu begitu berat *yo bike’s to heavy for me to handle*

We cycle all the way to Bedok, pick 2 friends, cycle all the way to Changi. Got lost. End up somewhere near ECP. Cycle through the expressway. Got to Changi. Ate food. Cycle back. Send a friend home instead of going to ECP.

On the way back to send my friend home, at Bedok, I backed out. Cause I’m the slowest. Seriously, I was slowing everyone down last night. I’m soooo guilty. You have no idea. Sometimes I’ll be right in front. When everyone overtakes me, usually, one or two guy friends will be behind me. Cause they are baik *good* like that. I kept holding everyone back throughout. I know I’ve mentioned this. But this part needs to be stressed on. Haha.

I know none of you guys read my blog. But if one day it so happens that you peeps find and read this, just know that I’m so sorry for being Gary the snail. You guys would probably have much fun without me. I promise that you guys won’t invite me anymore and if it happens that you guys do, I promise not to join.

So I switched bicycle with the friend and cycle home. Pit stop halfway and called my cousin if he wants his bicycle back. At 3.20am. Luckily he answered my call. Luckily we stay nearby. So instead of pushing the bike, I just got my sore butt on the bike and cycle to his place. He came down dengan muka busuk! *came down with smelly face* Haha, well I don’t expect him to bathe, shave, put on deodorant and meet me, to take his besikal… He raised the bike. Got on the lift and told me that he just went to bed and got my call after a while. Oh I know that pheeling! You just fell asleep and had to get up. But, Hey! I know you love your bike more than your sleep! Hahaha…

Wake home alone at almost 4am, alone. Checked the dry blood on my knees and  calves and palm. Yep, I fell. Haha… Bathing was such a pain.

To summarise it, I had a great and painful experience. Everyone tweeting about their butt sore. Haha. I’ll probably do it again. But alone perhaps. Not with my friends. I don’t ever, Wanna slow them down.

Looking at bicycle will never be the same again. I don’t know how my cousin can cycle from his place to his workplace everyday and do stunts, flips and whatnots and land on his butt on almost daily basis. Oh god, the thought itself is hurting me.

The next time I’ll ride a bike, will probably in the gym.

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