Ideal Weekend.

Assalamualaikum and big fat hello to everyone!!!

How’s your weekend going? Good, bad, annoying, tiring…?

I had the ideal weekend experience. Let’s start with Friday night… I’ll do it part by part cause years down the road, when I read this ‘little diary’, I wouldn’t wanna be reading essay. Heh

*Friday night*

Dinner with my secondary school friends and hang around at East Coast Park jetty area there before relocating to some pondok. Heh. While we were at the jetty, there’s a group of  pakciks or uncles there fishing. *ba bam. bam ba bam. insert jaws shark theme here. ba bam. ba bam. ba bam* Haha… They caught a stingray. One of my nosey friend went to there, cause they were like 50cm away from us, and talk to them. It got a little chaotic for a moment cause apparently, when you’re fishing, you’re suppose to be quiet. Us? We were excited and thus noisy for them. That’s TOTALLY NOT A HOBBY I’d like to pick by the way, thank you very much. I’ll probably start singing after throwing the line in the water. As they were pulling the stingray, the other pakciks told us to move aside cause the stingray’s sting might sting you. Amacam bro? Ada tongue twister tak? Hahahahaha… I didn’t know that man.. Aisey. No sweat anyway, such a dangerous hobby *actually it’s not. Hah*, I’ll stick to or choose a new and safe hobby like, hmmm… have a pet piranha or something. *double jerk eyebrow* Haha.

And then…

This crayyy-syy coconut girl wanted coconut. So, we walked, to the food area from the pondok. There were two types. Normal and Thai coconut. The Thai coconut looks like the ones that I usually buy in the supermarket. So, I thought, ya know, we’re by the beach, have the real coconut. Green skin and all. BAD CHOICE. It tasted like some disgusting thing. It’s like you pound paracetamol fine and put one teaspoon in the coconut juice. blearghhh…. Lucky I asked the aunty for a cup of ice, for me to chew on of course. That cup compensates the disgusthang coconut taste. We bid farewell and drove off.

Singapore radio station 89.7FM has this ghost story telling session which supposedly starts at 12am on weekdays. With rubbish advertisement and all, it’ll start at 12.25. I didn’t know that. Nevertheless, Oh God I am an avid fan of ghost stories and movies!! Around 12.15, after some songs, we heard they DJs voice and I went YESSA!! I tried to say it softly, only to myself but apparently when I was young, I swallowed microphone and have loud voice since. The whole car just burst out laughing cause, well, I’m comical like that… *ahaks. vomit rainbow* .. Putus steam seh… after the DJs voice, it was like, part 2 of the advertisement. I give up. Just start when you want la ey? That wasn’t bad. The bad thing is, THE DJ wasn’t the one telling the story. It was some female DJ. Disappointed.

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