Obstacles. Don’t bring phone.

Assalamualaikum and Guten Morgen Yeoreubun!

Haha… 3 languages in one line.

Yesterday, I went for morning jog given the fact that I ate cream pasta *yes, I know, I deserve a slap* at 1 am. I left home around 6am to find that it was drizzling. But it was cold, windy and wet, just my kind of weather, so didn’t think twice and ran. 5 minuted later, my specs are covered with rain. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah la kan. Continue to run. This time, it’s the first time in my entire life, I ran around the neighborhood, as in, by the road. I usually don’t like it cause you inhale car fumes and awesome oxygen that trees specially fart out for you. Not nice right? It’s like putting salt and sugar in your tea. So, I…ran and got home. Bathed. Wanted to eat fruit, but I forgot. So I slept.

Night came. My cousin watsapp-ed me if I wanted to go jogging with her. You know, the kind of weather that it gets hot and humid? No or little wind movement that makes you wanna stay in air-con room all day 24/7? After that, the skies clears up a little, get together to form fatty shape, getting ready to bless us with their liquid molecule called rain. That transition, the sky gets red at night, a lot of wind, shiok bo. Right? Haha… So, despite running in the morning, I said, yes. So, I went. Covered approx 4 km in 30mins. I want to slap myself. Need to buck up!

That’s the story of me running twice a day. History mannn… Record breaking I’m telling you.

Tonight, another cousin asked me out for night run. Fuhhh!!! My thighs are burning the whole day. I was contemplating. Like mad. Sitting down and standing transition was a challenge. But, I like pain. No, I’m not sadistic. I like pain for the better. If you get what I mean. It’s like yin yoga. 1st min your struggle. 2nd min your body gets a lil loose but the pain is still there and the 3rd min, you’re all set handsomely in the pose. Stretch your body here and there, pain right? but when you release from that pose, your posture improves almost immediately, you feel good right. Don’t lie. Anyway, that’s how I like my pain. Hahaha.

So, I said yes. I give my muscles no chance to rest. Sorry. Hardcore siao abit today. Heh. *shrugs* But, today, I plan to just brisk walk. They say that brisk walk is one of the healthiest best and low injury risk impact form of exercise. Does my sentence makes sense? Deal with it. Haha… En route back, like… 3/4 of the journey, drizzling starts to get heavy. Heavy drizzle. I walked faster. Why? Cause I brought my phone with me. URGGHHH!!! R^Y%$GRY%^&% …. If I didn’t I would probably continue under the rain. Gladly.

And it came! WOOOSH! Terrible description of sound effect I know. Just picture/imagine it in your mind. I started running! I NEED TO PROTECT MY PHONE! MY BABY! RUN AQILAH RUN! With my burning thighs and the need to get my phone to safety, I ran to shelter. It got freaking heavy and the wind… 창난 아냐야 … No joke!

To cool down, we tawaf around the block. My cousin got wet. Haha. Me? Probably a little. Was too busy putting my hands in the pocket with my phone making sure no rain drop lands on it even the slightest.

We got impatient and wanted to go home cause the rain wouldn’t stop anytime soon. Wrapped my phone tightly and thickly in my jacket. Ran as fast as possible to the next shelter and to the next and to the next till we reach our block. It was crazy but an experience.

Moral of the story? Don’t bring phone la deyy…

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