Assalamualaikum and awesome weekend to you people!

Just came back from my cousin’s majlis talaqqi bersanad.Woah woah woah… What’s that!? I just knew what it really means today. Allow me to share.

Maksud Talaqqi

Perkataan Talaqqi bermaksud mempelajari Al-Quran terus dari sebutan guru. Guru tersebut mestilah seorang yang pernah mempelajarinya dari guru sebelumnya yang berkesinambungan hinggan kepada penerima wahyu pertama Rasulullah sallallahualaihiwasallam. Melalui kelas ini, murid akan diperbetulkan bacaannya satu persatu dari ayat mula Al-Quran hingga ke ayat akhirnya. Murid mestilah seorang yang telah lancar membaca Al-Quran dan telah tamat pengajian ilmu Tajwid sebelum boleh menyertainya.

Meaning of Talaqqi

Talaqqi means learning the pronounciation of Al-Quran from a teacher. The teacher must be someone who have learned from another teacher. The chain continues to go up and ultimately reaches the original person of which the divine revelation is revealed to, Our beloved Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him. Through this, the student will correct his/her reading of every word from the beginning till the end of the Al-Quran. The student must finish their Tajwid class before proceeding to Talaqqi.

The event sounds serious huh? Well, it’s not actually. It was just her teacher, few of her girlfriends and few of her cousins (I’m one them. Thank you. Haha) Basically, she finished reading 3/4 of the Quran with her teacher and recite the remaining last few surahs with us as witness. It’s fun actually.

What’s interesting is that after she finish reciting and all, which took less than half an hour, we got the Ustazah (teacher) to say one to two lines of prayers on our behalf. Before that, she said, at this kind of gathering, I presume, this kind of gathering, refers to gathering for His sake, 40,000 angels descends and gather around the group and brings up whatever prayer you made or the Ustazah made, so, go ahead and make your own little prayer before she recites something for us. 40,000 angels, MaSya-Allah… Goosebumps man…Haha… In my heart, I was talking to the hair standing on my neck and hands, ‘down boys!!’ Hahahaha… Lame, I know.

We had food, of course. While we were getting ready to leave, she gave us doorgift! Marha! Marha! Alhamdulillah!! You know why? I LOVE PRESENTSSSS!!!! Hahahaha… Cheap thrill. Ok. Sorry.


Cousin with the lil cousins








and of course, the gift!.



let’s not forget that… haha.



yellow cerruti shawl.

I was being such a kid and ask if it comes in different colours. The cerruti shawl is only in yellow. There’s another shawl but it’s patterned and, I gave it to my maid. Haha… Suits her better. She bought the shawls from my cousin cause my cuzzy sells it online. I love it! It’s long and wide, love the coverage. Haha.

In the mean time,

Keep calm and eat, guys 🙂

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