Syawal with family


My cousins and I came to a conclusion that this year’s raya is very lemau. Seriously. Usually we would gather at Grandma’s place and snap pictures until the uncles and aunties starts nagging ang ‘scolding’ us for being narcissistic. But not this year. Some were late. Some left early. So we didn’t really manage to take picture.

So, to qada’ balik our photo taking session, we snap photos like no tomorrow, like we didn’t meet for 10 weeks and being all excited at the first family open house!

“First” Syawal.

Where we end up at that night.

And then we wrap up family raya open house in a unique way too 🙂

“Last” Syawal.

Le kids with playground.

Even the non-kids wanna be in the frame.

The big kids activity for the night.

Kinect dance!!

Not only did we ‘exercise’ from 8pm – 12am, we stayed back to watch ghost movie after that. Got scared shocked here and there while watching the movie, I keep pulling my brother’s hand. He’s so nice and understanding, he didn’t shove my hand aside. He just side-eye me… THANKS BRAHH!!

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