Too fast

Assalamualaikum. May the force be with you.

I just realise, recently, that sometimes my other body parts besides the brain works faster. Let me tell you why. This mouth blurts rubbish sentences and then regrets later. Common huh?

How about this? I have 2 months holiday. The journey to and fro school takes 3 hrs. So, naturally, if it isn’t matter of life or death, or sponsored school trip briefing, wishful thinking there, I would never think about going there. Not even returning overdue library books. Kidding.

A lecturer of mine posted on the class’s facebook page for a lesson on new software. Limited space available. Good stuff. Y’know….. A while ago, I had internship with a large scale architecture firm and while I was attached, they joined the Revit (that’s the name of the software) competition. It’s a competition project that requires you to use that software to produce your work. Of course, photoshopping and a few other software is allowed. It was, a big deal. With that memory etched in mind, I had this desire in me to learn it.




Suddenly, “Cher, I’m in”


What did I do? What did my fingers dooooo!!!???? *looks at fingers*

Hello Mr. B(rain), did you not see that coming? I mean, didn’t my fingers sent you a signal or something? Yeah, my fingers, go ahead, thought for itself, and signed me up for this 3 day course. Aiseymannnn….

Get over it, Aqilah. So, I did. I was like, okla, starts at 1pm, ends at 4pm. Useful software. Not bad… can sleep. Cause, long holiday means, sleep after fajr prayer or breakfast after morning jog and waking up after 3pm. The lesson starts tomorrow, and being a typical Singaporean, kiasu, I checked the lesson information again. Where the class will be held, is it 3 days or hopefully 2 days, timing and all.

I got, a shock, of my life. Class starts at 9AM. I repeat. 9AM.


Can’t believe my fingers works fast. Faster than my brain. Check.

Faster than my eyes. CHECK. sighhh

Seriously, May the force be with me.

Taken from our best friend, Google

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