Peace be upon y’all.

I’m such an emotional person when watching tv shows on tv or laptop. Gahh… I’m sucha sucker when it comes to criminal genre shows. Seriously. Show me some guns, good actors *ehem* and actresses, I’m good to go baby!!!!

CSI. The Mentalist. Bones. White Collar. Lie To Me. More…

and current obsession, favourite,

Person of Interest.

Everytime Reese gets into action, my adrenaline just pumps itself and I pheel like I can be his BEST partner in crime… Solving cases together. Gatal eh. Haha.

Errtime, he touches the Plan B bag, I feel like I can just take one of the toys and join in crime fighting. When it comes to physical fight, it’s like I can join da club too, y’know??? I think, I probably have picked up some “skills” from watching these kind of shows…

Blearghhh… Emo much.

But, aside from good actor/actress, there’s eyecandy too!






Baby Leila everyone! She’s cute .. Oh.Ma.God!


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