Under 20 and gone


Went visiting with the Secondary School peeps today. It’s been a looooong while since I went raya visiting with them, I don’t know why. Well, last year I was overseas but the previous years, hmmm, entahlah.

Anyways, there’s few changes this year. Some shifted house and now, SOME ARE DRIVERS/RIDERS!! Mannn…. I pheels, like Abang-abang and Kakak-kakak this year. *I’m not the Abang-abang tho* Members dah boleh drive beb! Haha… Had a great time with them. Meeting, catching up and… I’m losing focus on what I ACTUALLY wanted to post, Hmph!

Oh! Years back, when we were in Secondary School, when everyone is underage to operate vehicle, public transportation was the only way to go. And yes, there are girls…and probably guys too who would be late. Janji, jumpa pukul 10 pagi, macam-macam hal (Suppose to meet at 10 am, but, people got many story, y’know). All kinds of personality:

1. The… wake up at 10am.

2. The…  leave home at 10 am.

The champions one?

1. The… wake up 10.30 am or later

2. The… leave house after 10.30 am, or later.

Nehmind la, if not for the malay generation like us, the term ‘janji melayu’ won’t sustain, kan korang? :b

Aniways, back in those days, we could cover more than 10 houses via public transport, don’t look like mess at the end of the day, and get to be home before the cuckoo clock strikes 12am. Can still smile, laugh, take picture and more. TOGETHER. Now, even with cars and less than 10 houses, we end after midnight…

Not to mention all muka cramp. Badan cramp. Otak tak betul. Berbual tersasul. Sometimes I can’t even end my sentence properly. It’ll be like, ” Ah ok, who stay near where, ah ok, you follow $@^%^%”

What happened to us? The youthful peeps?? We’re not even 20 and $#@#@%$%$#’\\]

Can’t my sentence ready.