Mehh, wanted to put Virgin Post as the very first post but, nampak sah penipu (definitely a liar). Had 2 previous account back in zaman dolu-dolu (stone age)when blogspot was sizzling like goreng pisang! But back then, while all the kengkawans (friends) share their life stories and errrthangg, I was busy reading book (chehh, action seh). Haha. No la… More like I didn’t know what to write.
I mean. I don’t suppose you wanna know my daily timetable and what happens in Science class right? So, now, dah, *ehem*matured*ehem* and Twitter always limit my chatty self to 140 words character and Facebook is just not a place to share life stories… Don’t know what’s the difference here though. Heh.
But, let’s give it a shot anyway!
Bismillah 😉
I’m very quiet. This might be a bore *watch me lie*

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